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Concierge Physical Therapy

Concierge medicine is a model of healthcare that is generally private-pay (cash-based) and typically offers membership pricing or healthcare package options. The concierge model is essentially on-demand care. This model of healthcare benefits both the client and the provider in numerous ways, leaving the insurance companies behind.

At traditional high-volume PT clinics, patients are often treated along side 1-3 other patients at the same time, frequently waiting or receiving unskilled instruction from an aide. This is because insurance companies have increasingly poor reimbursement rates and these clinics need to completely fill their schedule in order to make a profit. This decreases the quality of healthcare the patient receives and increases chances of burnout for the provider. With a concierge PT, you will only be seen one-on-one by a Doctor of Physical Therapy.

Your healthcare with Fortitude is not limited by the restrictions placed on traditional clinics by insurance companies, which generally stop allowing visits once a patient is "okay" enough, not healed or better than before pain or dysfunction began. At Fortitude, your experience will be completely personalized and quality of care will remain high throughout your treatment cycle.

Concierge PT is for those who have become frustrated by insurance-based limitations or who have required more doctor's visits for new prescriptions to address different body parts. As well as those with high-deductible insurance plans or plans with little PT coverage. Concierge services can sometimes wind up costing the same or sometimes even less than going through insurance.

Additional benefits:​

  • Treatment sessions long enough to see results quickly

  • Time efficient for you, no more driving to a clinic

  • The ability to quickly reach providers with questions

  • Ability to request group wellness, performance, or injury prevention sessions at discounted rates

  • As a physical therapy client, you will only need to see your doctor once following our initial evaluation. As a wellness or performance client, you will not need to see your doctor

  • For additional information, see this article which outlines benefits for providers and patients, as well as a few drawbacks of concierge PT. We want to be an informed client from start to finish!

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