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What to Expect

As a Fortitude client, you can expect physical therapy and training to be hard work! Fortitude uses evidence based practice, which means we will be focused on active movement and a wide variety of exercises to attack your individual weaknesses. Passive modalities provide short-term benefits, but to lock in those gains and build resilience we have to work hard to gain mobility, stability, and strength!

Every visit is centered around achieving your goals and alleviating any present symptoms that day. Each session is tailored to what you are feeling and what your body can tolerate on that specific day. If you have any new issues come up, we are more than happy to address them. Are you seeing us for sciatica, but your shoulder is also bothering you? Let's work on it, that is the power of concierge PT! We also recognize that as you make improvements, your goals will change and you will want to work on other facets of your health. We will continue to shape and mold your plan of care together. This is your health care and we want to ensure you are maximizing your potential.

We want to be clear that we are an out-of-network private pay provider, meaning we DO NOT take insurance and require payment upfront for both in-person and online services. 

Not sure if Fortitude is right for you? Contact us and set up a free call that will allow us to better get to know one another before scheduling an appointment!